August 22th-26th 2018

Updated Bulletin and Errata (fixed)

Updated Bulletin and Errata (fixed)

Naslovna slika

Bulletin has been updated. You can download it here:

Printed will be version with the following errors:


Page 5: All these are largely influenced by five hunded year tradition of operating the mercury mine … 

Page 7: Phone number of the office is 00386 41 976 320. Use it ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. In all other cases use e-mail!

Page 8: First start for Cerkno Cup (public race) – stage 5 – will be at 10:30, so – everybody will be able to watch attractive SEEOC relay start.

Page 17: M21E course for sprint (STAGE 4) is 4.0km long.

Page 28:  Map change – since the maps have been delivered printed one-side only – two different sheets of paper, the map exchange will be done literally. At the last control the competitros will drop their map for lap 1 and pick the new map for the lap 2.

Mon, August 20, 2018

Alps, technical terrains and good maps... Yes, it is always nice to run on Cerkno Cup!
Matjaž Štanfel, Croatia