August 22th-26th 2018


Stage 1 - Rupe (750-850m a.s.l.)

Challenging karst terrain with nice forest, many depressions and some big rocks.


Stage 2 - Kladje (700-900m a.s.l.) - new map

More of a continental terrain, not so typical for Cerkno Cup. You will not find many depressions here, instead you will enjoy nice forest, water spings and many contour details. Map is located on a ridge that is also drainage divide between Adriatic Sea and Black Sea. 

Stage 3- Lome (650m a.s.l.)

Technically most challenging terrain we have to offer. Countless depressions make it easy to do some big mistakes.

I can't really say, who grew up with whom. Slovenian Orienteering with Cerkno Cup or vice versa. I only know I would not have grown up in one without the other. Andraž Hribar, Slovenia